Certification and traceability: a guarantee of Aymara Food quality

Aymara Food is committed to providing its customers with certified organic and high-quality Latin American products.
In order to meet these requirements, it seems essential that our suppliers are compliant with three certification programs that correspond to Aymara Food’s values, namely :

  • Ecocert certification for organic products
  • Max Havelaar Fairtrade certification for fair trade
  • UTZ certification for sustainable and environmentally-responsible production

In order to guarantee the traceability of all our goods, a real guarantee of quality for Aymara Food’s customers, the entire production chain must be certified.

Certification at Aymara Food

For the sake of ethics, respect for products, producers and nature, Aymara Food has chosen three certification labels in line with its values.

Ecocert certification

To ensure that its Latin American products are environmentally certified to European organic standards, Aymara Food decided to work with Ecocert.
The expertise and rigour of Ecocert procedures ensure the traceability of products at all levels of the production system: inputs, production, processing, packaging, labelling, storage, distribution and import.
The requirements requested by this organisation meet Aymara Food’s specifications, as well as customer expectations in terms of traceability of all our products.

Max Havelaar Fairtrade Certification

Since we share the values of Fairtrade, Aymara Food works tirelessly to recognise the work of small producers on a daily basis, as well as to respect the environment.
The Max Havelaar Foundation is a non-profit organisation which promotes fairtrade products and substantiates our commitment.

Why Fairtrade? So that every player in the global trading system can benefit from decent working conditions and fair and equal remuneration. But also to guarantee good agricultural practices while respecting the environment and preserving natural resources.
Producers can invest collectively and thus improve the living conditions in their communities.

UTZ certification

Created in 2002, the UTZ Certified association aims to promote sustainable global production of tea, coffee and cocoa crops..
UTZ has developed a program that allows producers to:

  • Apply good commercial practices: product traceability, employee training, monitoring of agricultural products used and regulations related to risks and accidents at work.
  • Use agricultural methods that are respectful of nature: water conservation, appropriate energy use, pest control, no deforestation, protection of endangered species.
  • Improve their working conditions: safety at work, health protection, prohibition of child labour, access to drinking water and medical care, provision of additional education for children.

The UTZ label guarantees the traceability of products as well as long-term trade.

Aymara Food certification is the guarantee of organic and fairtrade products that are respectful of nature and mankind.

Our procedure for importing organic products from Latin America to Europe

Our organic and fairtrade products from Latin America are imported into France and Europe by sea. Aymara Food works with world-class and internationally recognized companies.

For import to France, a significant portion of our merchandise is stored in a certified organic warehouse at the port of Le Havre. This gives us flexibility in palletising and delivering our products.

Aymara Food operates in the same way for other European ports in order to provide the same logistical service to all its customers.