Food Organic Chia


  • High omega-3 content: reduces LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Excellent for the heart
  • High fibre content: very filling, chia has the ability to absorb 10 to 12 times its weight in water.
  • High source of antioxidants.
  • High source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • Contains about 23% protein.
  • Good source of vitamin B9.
  • It improves muscle tone and tissue regeneration
  • It does not contain gluten.
  • Moreover, it has no particular flavour or smell.
  • It provides energy for the whole day.
  • Chia seeds lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure.
  • It facilitates digestion.


Binomial name: Salvia Hispánica

General characteristics:
99.95% purity guaranteed
Moisture content: not exceeding 10%
Pesticide analysis for each batch (628 substances analysed)
Available with organic certification (EU)
Carefully packed in tri-laminated paper bags or big bags

The best way to enjoy organic chia seeds

Chia seeds can be enjoyed with, vegetable milk, yoghurt, salad, fruit, sauce, soup, creams, vegetables, and much more. You can even buy it ground to prepare desserts to enjoy its benefits.

To lose weight, the recommended dose is 25 grams of chia per day. Avant les deux principaux repas, préparez un verre d’eau ou un verre de jus de fruit. Before your two main meals, prepare a glass of water or a glass of fruit juice. Remember you should drink two litres of water a day for the chia to work.