Aymara Food, your partner specialised in organic products from Latin America

Aymara Food is a B2B platform specialised in the import-export of organic food products from South America to France and Europe. Our offer is aimed at specialist organic stores, wholesalers, food manufacturers and other retail distributors of organic products with high nutritional value..
All our products are naturally gluten-free, Fair Trade, certified organic and compliant with European standards.

Aymara Food, engendering trust and high standards for high-quality collaboration

Aymara Food works exclusively with local producers who meet the requirements set out in its specifications in terms of ethics and traceability.
All our raw products are rigorously sourced for their excellent quality and purchased at a fair price.

Our added value lies in our sound understanding of South American culture and the close working relationship we have with all our partners based on sharing and trust.


Our organic and fairtrade products from Latin America are imported into France and Europe by sea. Aymara Food works with world-class and internationally recognized companies.


Aymara Food is committed to providing its customers with certified organic and high-quality Latin American products. In order to meet these requirements, it is essential that our suppliers are compliant with three certification programs that correspond to Aymara Food’s values namely: Ecocert, Fairtrade and UTZ.


Certification and traceability: an Aymara Food guarantee of quality
Aymara Food certification is the guarantee of organic and fairtrade products that are respectful of nature and mankind.




Reason 1

Aymara Food offers a wide range of healthy and gluten-free products from Latin America that have organic and fairtrade certification (nutrient-rich foods, high-quality natural food supplements, seeds, flour, cocoa, coffee, panela, tropical fruits, etc.).

Reason 2

Aymara Food is an eco-responsible and caring company that favours Fair Trade. We guarantee our customers that the raw products are respected, from the planting of the seed to the production and delivery of the goods.

Reason 3

Aymara Food buys its organic products from Latin America directly from producers. We regularly travel to the farms to check the work of the farmers with whom we have established relationships rooted in sharing, collaboration and trust.

Reason 4

Aymara Food is a company specialised in the import-export of excellent quality organic products from Latin America at a fair price.

Reason 5

Aymara Food guarantees the conformity and quality of its products by practising double-checking system. In partnership with European laboratories in France and Peru, we are able to check the possible presence of pesticides or endocrine disruptors.

Reason 6

Aymara Food has very good knowledge of organic products from Latin America and boasts a very strong understanding of Latin American culture. We select our products with the guarantee of nutritional qualities required by our customers, and work with producers who meet the requirements set out in our specifications.


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Visiting a coffee farm in Peru

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